fundive Terms & conditions

Service provider:

Artemis Chiloudakis (Fundive)
Platanias, Chania 73014,Greece
VAT ID: EL032044771

Fundive provides diving tourism services as follows ;

diving training
diving trips
snorkeling trips
rental of diving equipment
other tourist services

Service user

Any natural or legal person who orders, uses, or executes a business cooperation agreement is considered a user of our services. Prices include VAT and are given in Euros (€).

Cancellation policy

In case a client cancels a reservation:

The customer received a 100% refund and is not obligated to pay anything.

Liability and accident insurance

Fundive is making sure to secure its clients from unfortunate events. Full Insurance is provided and the client is obligated to sign a corresponding statement of responsibility before start using our services.

Fundives’ Obligations to the Users of Our Services

Fundive undertakes to comply with the international diving standards and procedures, legal regulations of the government of Greece and all positive customs in the provision of services in tourism.

Personal property theft, loss, breakage, etc. are not Fundive’s fault. Injuries, accidents, and fatalities that occur during the tours or courses are not Fundive’s fault. All services are used at the risk of the user.

Protection of your personal information

Fundive is committed to protecting the privacy of its clients and the confidentiality of personal information is guaranteed. We collect information to provide the best possible service to our customers.
We keep personal information for business purposes and do not share it with third parties.
You can read more about data protection on our privacy policy page.



Payments can be completed only by visiting our shop. Cash, prepaid and credit cards are accepted. Online payment on our site is not possible.

Obligations of service users

Before engaging in a specific activity, the client is required to become familiar with it. Our instructor will explain this to him in the context of the briefing.

It is the obligation of the users of our services to sign the corresponding statements of responsibility.


It is the duty of the service user to return the equipment in full and without damage after performing the activity. In case of loss or damage of the equipment, it will be charged according to the price list presented at the diving center reception.
The service user is obliged to inspect the equipment in charge and report any defects / defects to the activity manager.
In the event that the service user causes damage to the vessel intentionally or unintentionally, the damage may be compensated upon completion of the activity or subsequently by legal action.

Addressing complaints

Please send your complaints by email at and we commit to replying within one week.


All disputes shall be settled by agreement acceptable to both parties, and in the event of failure to reach an agreement, the jurisdiction of the Greek laws